Scrubs (Unisex)


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S+FPH aim to provide PPE to those who are not able to afford purchasing elsewhere. If you are in a position to, please check here for retailers who can provide items that you may need. PPE provided by S+FPH usually comes at a cost that is funded via charitable donations. As an example; scrubs will cost us around £18 once delivery is factored in.

These images are for illustration only.  Products may differ depending on your order and full specifications are available for orders. Scrubs can come in an assortment of plain or patterned fabrics and we can’t promise what style may arrive so please keep in mind when ordering.

All sizes
in inches
Chest 35-38 39-43 44+
Waist 26-30 31-35 36+
Hip 37-40 41-45 46+

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