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Back to School

The government has decided to send children back to school in England starting on the first of June. The plan is a phased return, in compliance with social distancing, hoping to minimise damage to the child’s long-term education without exposing them or their families to coronavirus. First to return are the nursery schoolers, and early-year providers as well as the oldest and youngest in primary school (years 1 and 6) and the top end of secondary school (years 10 and 12). Special schools, those that cater to young people with disabilities or behavioural issues, are expected to work towards a phased return with no aim towards specific age groups.

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The wellbeing of NHS staff

At a time where the NHS staff have played such a critical role in looking after our loved ones, often experiencing daily trauma in the workplace, it is important they look after themselves not only physically, but also mentally.

If you know someone who works for the NHS, make sure they know that they get free access to several wellbeing apps until the end of the year. There is a handy resource list which can be accessed here. (Link)