Numerous healthcare and keyworkers currently do not have sufficient PPE. This is placing them, their families, and others for whom they care at risk. Healthcare organisations locally and nationally are struggling to source adequate supplies of PPE and none of us can be certain when Government supplies will be delivered to all those who need it.

Our aim is to help fulfil the urgent immediate need of PPE for healthcare and key workers free of charge. For very large orders we would appreciate donations to help cover costs. There are so many people who want (and are able) to help, free of charge, with their skills and services.

We aim to do this by matching those who need PPE with those who can make it, co-ordinating distribution and fundraising to make protective equipment for all who need it a reality.

We can currently source and distribute 3D printed face visors, hand-/machine-sewn face masks and scrubs to those in need.

Any ideas, advice, contributions, collaboration or support (practical, financial, PR/marketing, creative, production or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated.

We want to evolve, grow and learn with others, with the shared aim of best meeting the needs of healthcare workers, keyworkers and their employers (keyworker and healthcare organisations) during this PPE crisis. We want feedback – to know what we’re doing well, what not so well, and how we can do better. If you can help please get in touch, or please join us!