Who Are We?

Scrub+FPHub is a collaboration of doctors, artists, designers, film and television industry figures, IT developers, lawyers and others who – together – are using our combined skills and knowledge to help co-ordinate the efforts being made to source, manufacture and distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to healthcare/key-workers and their employers during the current pandemic.

The co-creators of Scrub and Face Protection Hub (SFPH) are a diverse group who have initiated this collaboration in the hope of being part of a much larger group of collaborators on this hub over the next few days and weeks.

We can’t do this alone.

I (Ruth) am a palliative care doctor.

My husband Anthony, a.k.a. the artist Rugman, and Anthony’s friend Schoony are long-standing members of the art and design scene in London and internationally.

Schoony and his family work in the film industry making prosthetic and special effects models:


They produced and delivered human simulation models to Florence Nightingale Hospital (the Covid-19 hub hospital in the London Excel Centre) – to enable healthcare workers to practice procedures in their COVID-19 teaching sessions.

Schoony and his family/business did this free of charge. They are now 3D printing face visors.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland’s SunnyMarch Production Studios kindly got the ball rolling with an initial injection of money to cover our set-up costs like the hub’s web-build, hardware and materials.

We are so grateful to them for this boost and for their pledge to continue to support our efforts for healthcare workers.


Eve and Yaris are our neighbours – we connected via the Nextdoor App, where Eve was offering Yaris’s 3D printed face visors to healthcare workers in our area free of charge. Yaris is a light design engineer and 3D enthusiast/hobbyist.

His engineer’s mind and knowledge of 3D printing (the machines, the process, and the materials) has been invaluable to us.

Our long-time friend Twilley is a web designer with a large portfolio of work, including building Anthony’s websites www.rugmanart.com and www.rumknuckles.com.

He has worked tirelessly and quickly to get this hub off the ground.

Gracie (Schoony’s wife) runs her own small business which she has had to wind down during this crisis.

Gracie is sewing cloth masks, recruiting makers (of masks, visors and scrubs) and liaising with the media.

She writes for her local newspaper and plans to write about the PPE shortage and the multitude of grassroots responses like ours.

Gracie’s mum is a master on the sewing machine.

My brother Emerson, IT Director at a multinational company, is assisting with written and visual content (including, we hope, intermittent livestreaming to show our hub in action), as well as business/financial management.

Our dear friend Meggie (Megan Phillips) is a partner at Bhatt Murphy solicitors – www.bhattmurphy.co.uk she specialises in claims against the State and represents families who have lost loved ones in prison and police custody

Our friend Jasper does 3D modelling and digital fabrication for Schoony and Life3D Studios (UK). He is currently temporarily residing in Australia, lending a hand with 3D printing from afar.

Our friend H is an artist with extensive 3D experience as a freelance designer and prop-maker for the TV and film industry. H is 3D printing in his large studio in Essex. https://artbyh.co.uk

Carole founded a group of group of people who sew- in their first week they grew from a group of 4 to 40+, to a group of over 100+ by their third week.

At the start Carole’s group (Liverpool Ladies, Sewing for the NHS & Key Workers) had requests for and supplied over 1,500 reusable washable masks in less than a week to a range of organisations including: The Marie Curie, The Royal, Aintree, The Women’s, Alder Hey, The Walton Centre, Walk In Centres, Pharmacies, Halewood District Nurses, numerous care homes and community carers as well as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and the Royal Mail.

Tom, who runs Aurora 3D Printing in South Yorkshire, is usually prop-making for various industries and offering 3D Printing services. As with most (with a 3D Printer) the rush for printing PPE has started to flatten due to shortages of the raw materials required. This sparked an idea to go direct to mass manufacturing in order to meet PPE requirements.