How will Scrub and Face Protection Hub Work?

Individuals and groups will link into the Scrub and Face Protection Hub to share and grow our collective capacity to meet the need for protective equipment. We will be contacting established groups – like these students – to invite them to join our hub.

We will identify the region of each member of the hub to facilitate the logistics of distribution of face protective gear.

We hope to have logistics teams join our hub – we plan to invite organisations like motorcycle clubs.

Our neighbour Yaris who is a 3D printer enthusiast/hobbyist is currently able to make six face visors per day. It takes two hours to print each face visor plastic headpiece, plus another 30 minutes per face visor for assembly. He is busily devising a method to reduce the print-time to one hour per piece.

Schoony’s capacity is eight face visors per day at the moment. Checkout Schoony’s printing press below:

Schoony received donations last week from Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Ackland and SunnyMarch Productions to enable him to buy more 3D printers and materials to increase capacity.

We also plan to link in with education settings and other institutions who have 3D printing capacity and/or the materials for this.