I Require PPE

If you need free PPE, we want to hear from you or your procurement team. If required we can send samples if you want to check the product.  If you can afford and want to order a small amount, check the retail links or if you require larger orders check the wholesale link

I Can Supply PPE

If you can make and donate PPE, please fill in our hub form.

If you can provide certified PPE at a reasonable price and want to become a supplier, please go through to our partner site (a commercial platform).

Our Mission

To get the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and/or additional protective equipment, to front-line and other key workers, to try to help keep them and their families safe, by creating a hub enabling connections between those needing PPE and manufacturers who can provide it.  To continue the work we do, we need volunteers to make masks, scrubs, visors or gowns, anyone who can help deliver materials or the products, volunteers who can help with coordination, marketing and loads more roles… and if you can, please donate.

Our Story

We are a group of individuals, both healthcare professionals, and people from other sectors including Lawyers, business consultants, artists, and marketing/PR/creatives. We all have friends, family and colleagues impacted by Covid-19 and want to make a difference.  We are aware that healthcare and key workers face the daily challenge of helping keep us all safe whilst in desperate need of adequate PPE, and  we also know of people and businesses that are able to produce the equipment needed, but need to know where the demand is and get equipment there.​

So, we’ve created this Hub, with the aim of connecting people on the front lines with the need for PPE, with manufacturers making it, enabling the right kit to get to the right places as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Hub is a not-for-profit resource, created and managed by volunteers.